• Economic Policy Reform in Mexico

Economic Policy Reform in Mexico

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Economic Policy Reform in Mexico: A Case Study for Developing Countries is a five-chapter text about political economy that tries to assess the economic developments in Mexico, especially the attempt at economic reform in the early 1970s. The first chapter examines the period of Stabilizing Development to provide a framework necessary for judging the environment in which the attempts at economic reform were undertaken. This chapter is a piece of applied economics that tries to assess the too frequent attacks against that phase of economic policy. The following three chapters discuss the economic policy objectives of Echeverria's administration, the attempt at tax reform, and the change in the structure and practices of public spending. The final chapter evaluates the experience and draws some inferences about the nature of decision making in economic policy and the constraints faced by a government that wants to use economic policy as an instrument for the promotion of social welfare. This book will prove useful to economists, historians, and researchers.
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