• Fast Facts: Contraception

Fast Facts: Contraception

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One of the major roles of anyone working in sexual health is that of educator, and many people rely on well-informed healthcare professionals to help them choose the most appropriate method of contraception. This completely revised third edition of 'Fast Facts: Contraception', by two new authors of international renown, provides a concise and practical review of all the available contraceptive methods on the market in a highly readable well-illustrated format. Highlights of this comprehensive handbook include: A commonsense approach to the contraception consultation Fully updated information on recently licensed products Discussion of the risks, benefits and contraindications for all contraceptive methods. 'Fast Facts: Contraception' is an invaluable resource that will help healthcare professionals and specialists offer a broader range of contraceptive methods along with appropriate advice on the most suitable options. Contents: Choosing a contraceptive method Combined hormonal contraception Progestogen-only methods Intrauterine devices and systems Barrier methods Emergency contraception Female sterilization Vasectomy and hormonal methods for men Biologically based methods Postpartum contraception Useful resources
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