• Infant Mortality And Maternal Mortality

Infant Mortality And Maternal Mortality

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The Health care systems in India are very complex and diverse. Besides, the variety of systems existing, the age old family / community customs, norms and practices are widely adopted. The empirical evidence collected from six states and 48 villages show that faulty infant feeding practices and restricting the diet of the pregnant and lactating mother are stumbling blocks to timely health care and modern medication. The dogged adherence to superstition and belief in soothsayers and Ojhas do not permit women to take to Rural Health Mission infrastructure and facilities. Besides, ignoring the socio-economic causes and determinants to the rising Infant Mortality and Maternal Mortality has to be reviewed. Laying emphasis on pure clinical and medical causes for IMR and MMR needs and urgent review by Planners. Womens lack of empowerment is also a vital determinanat for the status of IMR and MMR.
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