• Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine

Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine

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Rehabilitation medicine is a relatively new and fast growing medical specialty, which can make a real difference to a person with a disability. Most hospitals in the UK now have a rehabilitation unit and there are increasing numbers of specialist rehabilitation centres as well as community-based rehabilitation teams. This book outlines the principles of the field, the importance of the rehabilitation team (including therapists, psychologists and nurses), and outlines the evidencefor the success of this approach. The book covers the management of common symptoms, including incontinence, sexual problems, swallowing disorders, communication difficulties and a variety of other physical, cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems. The particular difficulties associated withspecific disorders are also covered including traumatic brain injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis, spinal injury, Parkinson's disease and arthritic musculo-skeletal problems. - ;Rehabilitation medicine is a new and growing specialty. Rehabilitation services are now available in most UK hospitals and rehabilitation has an increasing presence in the community. There is a strong evidence base for the efficacy of rehabilitation and there is no doubt that an active interdisciplinary rehabilitation programme produces real functional benefits for the person with disabilities and their family.The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine outlines the basic principles of rehabilitation and the key factors that are required for a high quality rehabilitation service. There are specific chapters on the management of particular problems, including spasticity, continence, swallowing disorders and communication as well as problems with sexual function. The increasingly important area of technical aids and assistive technology is also covered. As well as physical problems, thebook also outlines the management of cognitive, behavioural and emotional problems. The rehabilitation needs of people with specific disorders are also explained including multiple sclerosis, stroke, head injury, spinal injury and Parkinson's disease as well as musculo-skeletal problems, arthritis andamputation.The Oxford Handbook of Rehabilitation Medicine is a comprehensive text that not only summarises the management of common symptoms and disorders but also outlines the increasing evidence base for the efficacy of these techniques. It will appeal to the entire rehabilitation team, as well as students, doctors and nurses interested in rehabilitation. -
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