• Policy Reform in Developing Countries

Policy Reform in Developing Countries

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Policy Reform in Developing Countries deals with questions of policy reforms in selected countries. This book is a collection of essays describing the application of general principles of policy reforms made in countries with an industrial base, such as Mexico, Portugal, Venezuela, Chile, the Andean Common Market, Egypt, and Korea. Through these essays, the author evaluates the general principles that make up desirable policy reforms in these countries, and describes the application of these principles in various actual situations. One essay presents the reforms needed to improve the system of incentives, which include credit, labor market, and public utility pricing. For example, this book analyzes the tariff reform proposed in Chile and the guidelines for the common external tariff used in the Andean Common Market. Another essay evaluates the role of the manufacturing sector in the economic growth of Portugal, and recommends other strategies for this sector. This book then recommends proposals in the development strategy of Korea for the Fourth Five-Year Plan Period, while one other essay reviews the system of incentives that will serve the objectives of the Fourth Five-Year Plan of this country. This collection of essays is suitable for economic planners, heads of state ministries, academic and non-profit institutions dealing with developmental planning, and students and professors in history and political science.
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