• Reversing Population Growth Swiftly and Painlessly

Reversing Population Growth Swiftly and Painlessly

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Population growth hastens the depletion of natural resources, degrades the environment, increases poverty and conflict, and debases the human spirit. This book offers an antidote. It prescribes a simple and practical credit-based system that can gradually reduce the size of any population to an optimal level without imposing a ceiling on the number of children a couple can produce, or a cap on the number of immigrants that may legally enter the country. And it does this without requiring anyone to violate the moral precepts of any of the world’s major faiths regarding birth control and abortion. The plan also offers a fair and compassionate solution to the problem of resident illegal aliens—one that would win broad public support. After presenting the plan, the author explores the demographic, social, environmental, and economic changes that would likely accompany population reduction, and proposes innovative solutions for some of our most pressing problems, including poverty.  
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